Review in The Washington Post!

It’s great when reviews of kids books show up in general media instead of just the usual periodicals and journals that specialize in children’s books. So it’s great to see a glowing review in The Washington Post for the new book I illustrated- Tommy Can’t Stop! You can click here and read it!

From the Review: “…Here, it’s okay if Tommy can’t stop: He’s got talent! Mark Fearing’s goggle-eyed characters and cartoon illustrations suit this light-hearted tale, with every page full of color and action…”

-Kathie Meizner

The Washington Post



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2 Responses to Review in The Washington Post!

  1. Richard Due says:

    This is so awesome, Mark! Congratulations!

  2. mfearing says:

    Thanks Richard. It’s always great to see a nice review. It makes up for the days and nights of being unhappy with my work. You hope someone will enjoy it.

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