Questions and Answers. Together again!


Real questions from real students who have taken the time to turn in question cards during my school visits.

“I want to know if you could make a book about Mrs. Hartley’s class.”

From, Parker.


I have to say, a book about Mr.s Parker’s class would be awesome! But I think you are the best one to write and illustrate that book Parker.

I’m always inspired by my school visits. And I see lots of kids working on books and comic strips and even video games inspired by their friends, teachers and schools. When I was in Jr. High I did a comic book and my dad helped me make photocopies of it. I sold a few in school and gave even more away. The spelling was a bit rough, but it’s fair to say that was my first series of books.

So Parker, i expect you can start writing and drawing and get a pretty good book done before the end of the school year. I look forward to reading it!



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