Call the Book Signing Police!

On my recent school visits I made a mistake. I was signing a lot of books and talking while doing it, and I draw in each book so it takes a bit and…

You see…I was signing a copy of The Great Thanksgiving Escape and I had been signing a lot of copies of Earthling! as well – and it looks like I had a crossover signing.


That’s Gavin from The Great Thanksgiving Escape, drawn onto the title page of The Great Thanksgiving Escape inviting a student to attend Cosmos Academy – which happens to be the school in my book Earthling!

Avyree brought this to my attention later that day and ah – I added a bit more to that page to make it right!

And I always thought I was great at making sure I signed the right book with the right name and such. Live and learn, live and learn and slow down!


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