Wrapping up school visits for the year

I just finished spending a few days at the Oregon coast visiting Hilda Lahti Elementary and Warrenton Grade school. I had a wonderful time and man-oh-man did the students and librarians and teachers prepare some wonderful art for my visit!

At Warrenton I met with students from preschool through 8th grade so I changed my presentation to fit each audience and got ready to answer very different types of questions!

I’ll post a few photos here (though I never manage to take all the photos I hope to!). I am also reading through lots of notes and letters and thank you cards and books that students made. I’ll be posting one of them soon as well. I think that’s my favorite part of the visits I do, seeing all the creative work students do.


I enjoyed beautiful weather during my visit to the coast. Looking north.


Many of the classroom doors at Hilda Lahti Elementary were book themed! This is actually The Door That Eats People!


There were a lot more than just 3 little aliens at Warrenton Grade School!


Just a few of the Bad Beans created by 5th graders (I think that’s right!) at Warrenton! Lots of great details!


Bad books and a very happy bean!


One of my more ominous welcome signs! But I know that The Book That Eats People inspires plenty of watchful eyes!


Even Gavin and Rhonda got in on the act!


Thanks again to all the students, parents, teachers, librarians and staff that made my visit so fun!




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