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Pictures books are easy, part 2.

This is a follow-up to my previous post about the perception that picture books are easy to write. At one time I thought picture books must be easier to write than other prose and it’s easy to understand why. Picture books tend … Continue reading

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That’s because picture books are easy …

Yes, I’ve heard it before. Picture books have so few words, they MUST be easy to write, right? 600-900 words? What is that, an hour or two at THE MOST? Maybe a half hour more to correct spelling? I had the second … Continue reading

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The Thing with No Head ebook.

From The Thing with No Head. Available as an ebook on the iBookstore. Buy and download it here.

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Welcome to my neighborhood.

Mark’s Neighborhood. I meet different folks every day of the week. Generally a happy lot. But it’s a bit different ’round here.

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The Boy Who Was Swallowed By A Tiger ebook.

From the eBook available at the iBookstore.

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Call the Book Signing Police!

On my recent school visits I made a mistake. I was signing a lot of books and talking while doing it, and I draw in each book so it takes a bit and… You see…I was signing a copy of … Continue reading

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More awesome cards from great student artists!

Just a few pictures from the dozens and dozens and dozens of wonderfully illustrated and thoughtfully written cards I received from my recent school visits. Reading and looking at the cards and letters crafted by the students is one of … Continue reading

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