Me, me, me…me. An interview with me at Sub It Club!


Yeah, it’s one of those posts – all about me. Anyway, The folks at Sub It Club (a fine blog to follow if you are into publishing or writing or need help getting through those rejection letters and emails we all get from editors and art directors!) called me up (well, emailed me) and asked if I would partake in an interview. Said interview was done and it’s posted now. Apparently I talked too much (no surprise there…my teacher taped my mouth shut in first grade)  so the interview is in two chunks. A double chunk interview. Yum! Served with whip cream and cherries I hope.


I talk about the self promotion I have attempted to do and about my current projects and such.

Sub It Club has a ton of useful info and posts about submitting work to publishers and interviews with lots of artists on how they make their way in the world of being freelancers.



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6 Responses to Me, me, me…me. An interview with me at Sub It Club!

  1. Dana Carey says:

    Ha! I’m so glad you talked too much– it was nice to get a double dose of your fun stuff! Thanks so much, Mark.

  2. Wow, your teacher taped your mouth shut? I wonder how that would go over today.

    I love the President’s Day illustration. That got a huge laugh from me — so thank you!

    • mfearing says:

      Yeah, I imagine that’s not happening anymore! But I remember my parents being fine with it when the teacher told them, and my mom pointing out that if I’d learn to not talk all the time I’d be better off!

  3. Do you like doing interviews? (hold on – this is going somewhere! 😉 ) Great interview! 😀

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