Mortgaging your soul.

The huge Laika auction confuses me. As much as well-to-do geeks with a few extra tens of thousands of dollars enjoyed the opportunity to buy this stuff, why would the studio sell off its creative output for pennies? They made about a million from the auction I believe, but after commissions lets say they grossed $750,000.

That’s below pennies on the dollar for what it cost to create that stuff. And they also sold off their heritage. Their history. Disney learned the hard way that the creations of the studio has value in and of itself. Development art, puppets, paintings these are the tangible creative results that result in a bit of digital-celluloid (to try and use a modern way of looking at film). Walt Disney originally washed down animation acetate in order to reuse them. Goodbye to most of the original animation from Snow White and Pinocchio and many other great films. They sold off cells at Disneyland when the park first opened for a dollar or 2 each. A little revenue and a lot of lost history.

They realized they were mortgaging the very things that all those artists at the studio created.

I suppose if you consider that so much of the stop motion figures are 3D printed faces ETC, perhaps none of this stuff is as ‘hand crafted’ as they would love us to believe. And maybe that’s why you can sell it. It’s already a copy of a copy of a copy.

It seems like some ‘money men’ looked at a warehouse of stuff, and coming from the land of Nike, they saw only ‘merch’ that should be sold instead of seeing the creations (the results of thousands of hours of work) as the studios history. It makes one wonder if the studio believes in itself at all.



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