Plot vs. Character in life

plot_chThe issues of plot and character consume a lot of time in many writing courses. Identifying which of these you are naturally inclined towards writitng can help you focus on improving the other one.

But plot vs. character can also be a way to view your life.

The mechanistic rhythm of jobs worked, schools attended and deadlines met doesn’t compare to what those things mean to you, how they shape your point of view, affect your relationships and alter how you perceive the world.

Ultimately all human plots have the same finale. The process of getting to that final act is most interesting not because of the external biography. The details of place and time and outcome matter of course, but understanding how events resonate within you and the other people in your life is the stuff of life..

As a fiction writer it is easy to depend on plot, just as it is attractive to see and live life via plot. Yet, it is ultimately unsatisfactory to plot your life if you desire to elucidate something more meaningful than a pie chart of addresses lived at, hours worked and time spent sleeping.

You can’t ignore plot, but ultimately it is only in service to you – and your characters.


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