A mysterious knock at my door…

Actually there was no knock at my door. I just opened the door to walk our dog and as I stepped outside I noticed something out of the corner of my eye…a mysterious envelope! It was a large sized envelope and oddly heavy when I picked it up. How long had it been out there? Days? Weeks? Years? Probably just since the UPS truck pulled away a few minutes ago. Anyway, I carefully picked it up. I felt something move inside and…and… was that an odd squeal coming from inside?!

Or was that just my mind playing tricks.

Anyway, one look at the return address and I knew what it was!


A real book! One of the best moments in the process is when you first get to see the book you were working on in the form of – an actual book.


And the cover has a surprise. Just look under that dust jacket – – Tim Federle choreographed a dance and Tommy was nice enough to show us the moves!


Tommy Can’t Stop! goes on sale in April! Get ready to buy 300 copies!



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9 Responses to A mysterious knock at my door…

  1. Deb Dunn says:

    Congratultions, Mark!

  2. George Sorensen says:

    I’m rehearsing the dance right now…

  3. That looks awesome. I’ll check it out.

  4. Nothing compares to having your book in your hands for the first time. Congrats and hugs!

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