A good point to be at…


It’s always exciting when I see the book taking form in full color. This is a capture from my InDesign file where I import the pages of the book as I work on them in order to see them in layout.

This is an early book in progress, but because I work digitally this step helps me see the color pace of the book. How the pages look one after another. I’ve made some guesses as I develop it, but now it’s easy to see what’s working. And what’s not.

I have a  long way to go with this book, but I feel a little better when pages begin to fall into place as I hoped they would. Working on final art is probably my least favorite process when I work on a book – I worry more at this stage – and changes are usually much more difficult to institute. But I also relish the opportunity that working digitally provides: that I can change my mind and react to what I am seeing throughout the process pretty easily and fairly quickly. At least compared to reworking an entire watercolor painting!

It’s all baby steps …



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3 Responses to A good point to be at…

  1. casietrace says:

    Hi Mark! Just curious..how long does it take you to illustrate one book digitally? Love your illustrations btw!

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks and good question. The process is very heavy on the front end. with roughs and revisions taking – well, taking what they take. Sometimes 3 months, sometimes a year. Once I have final roughs – that I like and the editor likes – painting can take as little as 8 weeks or as much as a year. My issue is I change my mind a lot with color and sometimes I don’t ‘discover’ how I want to handle a particular book until I’m actively working on it. Cheers!

  2. casietrace says:

    Okay cool! Thanks…I’m always curious about that 🙂

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