School Visits

During January I kick off school visits. I do no more than 6 a year and once again they have been a ton of fun. It’s a real privilege to be invited to the schools and meet the students and staff.


As I have opined on this blog before – most of my job entails me sitting at my desk. Alone. Drawing. Revising. Writing. Drinking tea. I didn’t say it was a bad job, but it’s not exactly conversation filled.


The school visits are fabulous way to connect with kids and talk about ‘making’. And this is most important to me. I remind them (and myself!) that all creative endeavors start with an idea and very basic tools like a pencil and paper. There is no movie, book, TV Show, video game or song (or computer chip or space telescope for that matter) that didn’t start this way and involve these tools. But in this age of overpowering mass media, available 24-7, everywhere, I fear that the sheer size and scope of the media landscape is overwhelming and can actually disenfranchise individuals even though tools and distribution has been expanded. How can you see Frozen and Toy Story and not be in awe of THE TECHNOLOGY. When really the technology is the dessert.

I visited two awesome schools so far, Ainsworth Elementary and River Grove Elementary and had a fantastic time at both. Lots of kids had questions about all my books including Earthling!  And a few asked about The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot, “Who MADE the big, bad robot?” Now that’s a good question!


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