Book Reports – the credits!



Book Reports is the new series of animated shorts I developed with Dreamwork’s Television. You can watch them online (a new episode will be posted January 10th!) but one thing you can’t get each episode is the credits. Owed to this new interweb-mobile-social-viral-sharing-quick-media-world the episodes air with no credits. This is a bummer because the show would be nothing without all the talented people who helped bring them to life. So here are the credits! And credits matter after all. Credit where credit is due and all that. And a lot of credit is due to these folks who shared their talents with this project and put-up with my schedule and the 36 hats I wore while developing these.

I’ve linked to the sites and pages for all the talented people and organizations involved.

Book Reports (the animated series) AKA The Book Report.

Written by/character designs/layout – Mark Fearing

Wendell – Rebecca Davis

Thora – Linda Joy

Greta – Erin Lehn

Brandy – Rebecca Davis

Sup – Rebecca Davis

Mr. Strung (the teacher) – Justin S Barrett

Music composed by – Joe Toscano

Animation – Odd Bot Studios.




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