Morning Victories!


The day starts off great when I get up early enough to get dressed and let the dog out before I have to begin the process of waking my daughter. Then I have to negotiate enquiring if her hair is brushed and her face is washed without her getting made at me (Dad! I said I’ll do it!).

If I also get the dog fed and medicated (she’s old – it’s two medicines a morning now) before my daughter comes downtsairs I start to feel invincible! And if I make my daughter a good breakfast (instead of just a slice of apple as we run for the bus) that she likes – that feels like a gold medal performance. If I also manage to boil water and have at least a sip of tea BEFORE we rain-coat up for the walk to the bus stop – well, now I’m just on fire.

The final trick is the most difficult- leashing the dog up, so her walk starts on our way to the bus stop. If we’re late, back to the car for the drive to school, the  dog back in the house until after I get back. Not good. Morning routine extended for another 20 or 30 minutes. But if it all works – I’m at my desk by 8:45 feeling like there is no morning routine I can’t handle.

Now, what am I supposed to do today?

And for you folks with 2 or 3 kids – I don’t know how you do it!


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4 Responses to Morning Victories!

  1. jby95 says:

    It is such a balancing act. Anymore responsibilities and clearly you might end up pilling your daughter and putting your dog on the bus.

  2. Robin Koontz says:

    Every year, a new challenge! Hugs to your old puppy.

  3. Good luck! I mean it. I don’t know how my Mom does it. 😉

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