Who says Thanksgiving is over?

Sure turkey time is past and I gotta stop talking about my Thanksgiving book, but hey, here’s a great review of The Great Thanksgiving Escape from The Las Vegas Review Journal by Terri Schlichenmeyer.

“Yes, this is a kids’ book, but I absolutely loved the imaginations and the naughty glee that author-illustrator Mark Fearing gives his main characters; there’s so much mischief in every word and picture of this book that I lingered on the pages, just because I liked the rowdiness it implied. Is there an adult who won’t remember that with fondness? I don’t think so, and I don’t think there’s a kid who won’t find it hilarious.”


And here is one from the Citizen-Times written by Jennifer Prince.

“Fearing’s drawings are enhanced digitally, enriching the color saturation and shading throughout the book. Fearing’s drawing style is a cross between Charles Addams, the artist who created the Addams Family cartoons, and David Shannon, the author and illustrator of the “David” picture books. The mix of mild eeriness and cheeky joie de vivre is unique to Fearing, and complements the satirical humor of the story perfectly.

“The Great Thanksgiving Escape” is a delightful story to read-aloud this holiday. Most likely, the book will become a perennial favorite.”


And it’s always a thrill to be called out in my home state. The Great Thanksgiving Escape made an appearance in this list of wintry kids books from the Minneapolis Star Tribune by L.K Hanson.

“This mission includes the dangerous negotiating of “The Hall of Aunts” and “The Great Wall of Butts.” Fearing’s work has an appealing edginess that resonates with kids, and he’s a careful observer of telling detail, which adds to the enjoyment.”


And now I promise – I’m done tooting the Thanksgiving book horn.

But in this day and age and given the media saturation we live in, reading that ones work has resonated somewhere, even for a short time, is not only gratifying, it provides the energy to keep at it. It helps me sit in my chair for long hours and difficult revisions. It helps create a bit of a calm so I can settle into what is otherwise a rather lonely, isolating job. It’s like getting an answer to ones frenetic screaming.

And you know, you can read the book all year long…I’m just saying…


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2 Responses to Who says Thanksgiving is over?

  1. Deb Dunn says:

    Toot away! It’s a keeper.

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