Walt and Mickey.

Another of AP style photo promoting Walt Disney’s 2 Emmy wins in 1955 ‘after being on TV only 20 weeks’. Of course he wasn’t sitting in his office drawing Mickey at this point. In fact he rarely did. But he did have a keen eye for talent and hired people who could do it better than he could. And no one else was better at putting all the pieces and people in place to create great work (starting in animation and moving on to all genres of media).

Walt would die 11 years after this photo, in 1966. When I confirmed that date it amazed me because Walt Disney was such a figure in my youth – and he died well before I was born. My father was a big fan of Walt Disney and the work done at the studio, so I was certainly exposed to his work early on. But as a kid I don’t remember thinking that he was already gone.  And here we are, all these many years later and Walt and his creations (including his company) ‘live on’ like few have.

walt_photo close_up


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2 Responses to Walt and Mickey.

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Mark. I spent many Sunday nights watching the Disney TV show hosted by Walt. I loved it. One time when our family was at Disneyland we saw Walt walking on Main St. I grew up in California.

    • mfearing says:

      What a cool experience! I have heard stories of his wandering the park in the early years. Meeting people and developing new ideas for rides or changing the layout of the park. What a great memory to have. He’s one of those people that would have been fascinating to spend 20 minutes talking to at some casual event.

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