When did Disney coin the term ‘ Disney Princesses’?

I collect a few things, though honestly over the past dozen years I have stopped being obsessive about it. However I do have several thousand old Associated Press and movie studio black and white photos. Recently I acquired a few new ones and this one jumped out not for the image, but as is often the case, the description on the back. This is from October, 1949 (as we will see) and it’s an image for newspapers and magazines to use to promote Disney’s next film, Cinderella.



Here is the back.



You can click on it to make it bigger, but the headline is “The Disney Girl” and the first line reads, “And here is a preview of next year’s Disney Girl – Cinderella…”

To modern ears the term ‘Disney Girl’ seems awkward for many reasons (how old is Cinderella?) it also sounds a bit like it was inspired by the 1920’s “It Girl”. But it also contains the marketing notion of the Disney Princesses, which I don’t believe was coined as a brand for the corporation for another 35 years. And the ‘Disney Princess’ as a brand earns like 12 Gazillion dollars a year for Walt’s company. It’s small things of this kind that makes these interesting to spend time with. I’ll post a few more when I have time.

(and the pencil circle is not from my hand! most probably a remnant from someone filing this at a newspaper or magazine)


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7 Responses to When did Disney coin the term ‘ Disney Princesses’?

  1. Really cool! Thanks for sharing…

  2. That really is an interesting bit of history. Happy weekend.

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks! Yeah, the old photos are fascinating. I waste way too much time with them.

      • Ummm…. yep. I am guilty of that myself. But the Disney Princesses… There’s just something bizarre and intriguing to me there. I wasn’t allowed to go to movies as a kid, not even Disney, so i’ve never gotten my head around the over all behemoth it’s become. LOL.

  3. Whoa. Cool!!! 😀 Is it bad/sad if I have no recollection of seeing Cinderella? (I know the story, though)

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