Barnes & Noble and Green Bean Books.

Thanksgiving – is it here yet?


Thanksgiving is not here yet so I will continue to talk about my Thaksgiving book because the day after Thanksgiving it’ll all be over…for a year.


I’ll be reading The Great Thanksgiving Escape at the Barnes & Nobel in Tigard Oregon (at Bridgeport) on November 15th, at 11:30. So if you are in the area stop by and buy 15 books by any author you like and I’ll sign them. OK. I’m kidding. You should probably buy my books, that’s how these things work, but personally I’ll be getting the new Stephen King. I need to get him to sign one some day.

Anyway, I’ll be at at a bookstore where there will be plenty of books by all kinds of authors. I’ll be happy to sign some of mine. See you November 15th at the Barnes & Noble in Tigard Oregon.

And if you can’t make the 11:30 story time in Tigard, I’ll be at Green Bean Books on Alberta Street at 2:30 that day as well. So for you folks who live closer to Portland you can’t use the ‘drive to the burbs’ as an excuse not to see me.


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