Awesomeness Book Reports!


I’ve kept busy the past few months working on a set of animated shorts I created called Book Reports. Don’t look for them quite yet, they aren’t done. They will available on DreamWorks TV in the next month or so. And I will talk plenty more about them before then.

What is Book Reports about? No surprise – it takes place in Mr. Strung’s 3rd grade class where the book reports never go quite as planned.

It was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. It combines my love of books and animation into one project. Thanks to some awesome folks at Dreamworks TV I’ve had the chance to dig into literary criticism from a kids perspective.

About two weeks ago the show was cast with amazing voice actors and I will shortly be editing all the final episodes together. Then the art will be headed down Los Angeles way to get animated.

You will be able to find these shorts on Awesomeness TV on You Tube. The animated shorts will air on the DTV (DreamWorks TV) channel.  But don’t look for them quite yet.

I’ll have more info before the episodes air, and I’m not 100% sure when that will be, as I am still finishing up production. But when the time comes for the big reveal I plan to get interviews with the voice actors who brought these characters to life and the composer who wrote the theme. The show will be animated by OddBot Studios in LA and it will look awesome!



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4 Responses to Awesomeness Book Reports!

  1. Great characters! I look forward to seeing the shorts.

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