Minnesota and kids and books and schools…


I took some artistic license with a page from The Great Thanksgiving Escape to help celebrate the event.

Looking forward to the 15th Annual Celebration of Minnesota Children’s Authors and Illustrators! I’ll be giving a talk on Saturday September 20th in the afternoon and will be available for signing books at various times. David LaRochelle and I will be signing How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans together. That’s only happened once before when the book was released in St. Paul last year.

David will also be signing with Mike Wohnoutka who illustrated David’s awesome book Moo! And Mike has a new book out that looks great called Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster. So I’ll be tracking him down to sign my copy of that!

I’m also visiting several schools while I’m in Minnesota and will post about those visits including a visit to the elementary school I went to. I’m trying  prepare for that visit because while the school has changed a great deal, its original form hasn’t been altered. The additions have gone on behind. So I will be walking in nearly the same entrance I did for kindergarten-6th grade. It’s the place where I remember finding the coolest looking illustrated books to check out. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge reader as a kid. Though the librarians tried valiantly with me. But I liked being active.  I was always busy and I painted and drew and sculpted from a young age. And I loved being outside and we had lots of animals growing up. So books came in a distant second to doing all that stuff.

See in in Minnesota, oh-yaah!


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  1. slmann says:

    Lol! Love the baby. – Sharon

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