The last pages of Robot Boys.

Here are pages 5 and 6 that I inked and colored of Robot Boys. The story had a lot of interesting elements for me, but it seemed to lack a focus as to who the audience was.

It was a little too dark for a young reader story and probably not ‘action’ enough for middle grade. The plot twists on the fact that these are real human kids who have fallen into this mechanical world (created and abandoned by a technology company that didn’t realize what their experiments created- it sits in a bubble universe aside our own).  Through relentless competition their humanity is contiually replaced with mechanical efficiency. But sometimes the conversion process leave remnants and these boys start to recall their past. But will they try and solve the mystery of these images and memories or will they give into what the culture wants. It was and is an idea, as executed in this form, in search of an audience.





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2 Responses to The last pages of Robot Boys.

  1. slmann says:

    I would love to read this graphic novel, maybe adults are the audience. – Sharon

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks. I think I would like to read it too. That makes two of us! I think the scale of the book at 100 pages plus makes it difficult for me to want to do it on the hope their’s an audience. And if no editor thinks there is an audience I suspect it’s not worth my effort to do it. Always a tough choice with work…

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