4 pages of something that will probably never be finished

Here are 4 pages from a project that I don’t think I will be finishing. So often a project starts to come together. I write outlines, maybe even a first draft and I try some pages out to see what it could look like but for many different reasons, I move on. Th project dies. It’s frustrating but I don’t know any other way to work. This was envisioned as a 100 page comic book/graphic novel.  It was called Robot Boys and basically these young robots had memories of a past life. Life in a non-mechanical form, in a non-mechanical world. And wacky hijinks and dark subplots unfold. Well, they would have.
rb_1 rb_2 rb_3 rb_4


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11 Responses to 4 pages of something that will probably never be finished

  1. Jennifer says:

    “..It was the Hunchbot of Outre Lame.”

  2. Mark that was great. I’m so glad you kept (and shared) those pages. I have a page on my blog where i meant to share bits of lost manuscripts (most of the novels were lost, but early, very incomplete print copies remain). But I’ve never had time. It’s a big regret to have lost them. So I’m happy that you still have your unfinished projects. Bits of them always stick around in our heads. Hugs!

    • mfearing says:

      I was putting together a presentation about ended, failed, lost projects over the last three years or so. Boy, I spend a lot of time doing stuff that doesn’t result in an actual done project!

  3. Anna Cull says:

    What? Wait… no! But what happens next?

  4. D’aw…. Cliffhanger! “Tune in Next Week to find out… that it’s only a squirrel in a costume!” 😉

    • mfearing says:

      Well, the next two pages I’ll post this week don’t really answer the questions either! This was just a set-up to the open of the story. I wrote a 12 page outline and drew these pages up for myself to see how it was working. What became obvious was that this didn’t have a firm grasp on who the story was for. It reads too old and too young. So it goes in the drawer.

  5. mlreads says:

    Saw you liked my post about slumber parties. I think you should consider doing a book about a slumber party! I’m sure you would put a great spin on it. There aren’t that many out there and it’s a rite of passage for kids. My friend now realizes she truly is crazy.

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