Thanksgiving in August…


Sorry about yet another post about my new book, The Great Thanksgiving Escape, but here’s a review that was forwarded to me from a great blog.

From the review:

“The ordinary surroundings of grandma’s house and the slightly comatose over-fed pooches create a perfect foil for the dangerous mission and these superheroes determined to have a good time.  The tension mounts as they face one challenge after the other.  They are after a good time and they deliver one for us with all the trimmings.

This book is going to be a new family tradition at Thanksgiving and it may be grandma who ends up turning the pages.”

The book is almost out, so order a copy today. Or tomorrow. Really any day this week or next. Even pick one up at the end of September. But you must be ready for the new tradition of reading this aloud every Thanksgiving morning.



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5 Responses to Thanksgiving in August…

  1. sharann says:

    Congrats on the shining review! Our family needs to start some new holiday traditions. Going to have to get your book….and maybe a turkey while I’m at it.

  2. slmann says:

    Congratulations Mark, you deserve all the best! – Sharon

  3. mlreads says:

    The library finally ordered it! Cannot wait for it to arrive. Yesterday one of my favorite boy reader’s mom put Earthling on the checkout desk and asked if there were any more books by you. I’m first on the list for The Great Thanksgiving Escape and she’s second. In the meantime, I sent her home with all your other books.

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks for keeping the books moving in front of new people. I just finished up my second picture book that I wrote as well as illustrated called Dilly Dally Daisy. I’ll post more on that as the release approaches!

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