What doing are you doing?

I haven’t been posting much but it’s not for lack of stuff to post about. More to do with being tired and on allergy meds. And lazy.

I recently finished up two new projects for the kids market that will go to various editors soon. I often get asked what I ‘send out’. Well, what my agent sends out. Here’s how I do it. For picture books I have a manuscript and a very rough book dummy in PDF format. If the project is a young reader novel, it’s just a manuscript usually as a PDF. With a graphic novel or hybrid project it’s a manuscript and a few pages of rough sample art, perhaps one finish in PDF format.

These projects have kept me busy in-between the 2 books I illustrated so far this year (Dilly-Dally Daisy and Tommy Can’t Stop) and the picture book I am starting to illustrate. I am just about finished with the rough drawings and page layout. Another few weeks and I will have a dummy for the editor to review.

I’ve also been working on a series of three animated shorts I’m creating (writing, designing and directing). This is pretty exciting and I will share more when I have something to show and of course when and where you can see them. The animated shorts are about a minute and a half long. So the scripts are short (though not by picture book standards!) but still take a lot of time.  They are kid friendly and focus on the world of books. More precisely book reports by my cast of characters. Wackiness ensues.

But when I have a ton of deadlines to hit that occupy a similar creative space I need a ‘something else’ to keep me creatively awake. So I wrote the first draft of a very odd detective story, not especially kid friendly and I am almost done illustrating two short stories I wrote (that are kid friendly)  that I think I will release on Halloween this year on the iBooks store. They are both sort of funky and edgy and not what any mainstream publisher would want. But doing these projects ‘on the side’ so to speak help me stay excited and challenged. The creative process is never domesticated completely. It can be tamed. And if you throw yourself at it you can keep it moving forward and performing – for short periods of time. But it’s just as important to let it run wild and see where it takes you.



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9 Responses to What doing are you doing?

  1. Robin Koontz says:

    It’s great to hear how you carve out the time for your original ideas while keeping up with those deadlines. It does help to shift gears rather than obsess over one project until it is done.

  2. Great work Mark. I relate to the allergy fatigue too. Allergies are kicking my rear-end. Hugs!

    • mfearing says:

      I have some pills from my Doc that help a lot, but they still make me a bit tired and seem to goof with my general disposition. But when I quit taking them I see the difference in 3 or 4 days and it’s not pretty!

  3. slmann says:

    The creative life is such an adventure, sounds like you are having loads of fun! – Sharon

  4. Good luck and happy doodlings! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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