Minnesota? Oh-Yah! See you Sept. 20th!


I am thrilled to be a guest at the 15th Annual Celebration of Minnesota Children’s Authors and Illustrators! It’s at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota on Saturday, September 20th. So if you are in Minnesota and want to party with the cool-kids stop by. Even if you are in Wisconsin, drive over. It’s not that far. And from Iowa – not a bad drive either. It’s a longer drive from South Dakota, but worth it!

I’m also visiting some elementary schools in Minnesota while I’m there – including the elementary school I attended – which should be great fun. BTW  in The Book That Eats People there is a school library stamp on the inside back cover that shows the bad book once spent time at my elementary school.

The event is host to a ton of great authors and illustrators and I think it will be the first chance that my new book, The Great Thanksgiving Escape will be available. So if you buy one, I can sign it, draw a picture in it, sign someone else’s name in it. Whatever.


And of course I will be happy to sign copies of How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans with David LaRochelle who will also be there! I will be giving a 30 minute talk about picture books and showing some early art from Martha and The Great Thanksgiving Escape.

I’ll post more about this as the time approaches. I’ve been looking forward to this for months! Oh-Yah? OH-YAH!!!


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