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When a good dog dies there is no memorial parade. There’s just a lot of little things that aren’t quite right anymore. A quiet in the house at dinner time that seems unfamiliar. Tears fall every time you get lost in … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the questionable covers

I just ran across these covers from (I think) the book’s release in the UK. Now, please don’t hold this against me, but I am not the ‘most biggest’ Harry Poter fan in the world so I don’t know all … Continue reading

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Barnes and Noble Appearance

I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in Tigard on Saturday July 26th at 2:00 PM. Actually I am often at the Barnes and Noble in Tigard buying books and stuff and I don’t announce it on my blog, but … Continue reading

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You can still print stuff on paper!

Scrolls lasted until about 800 AD or so, then the codex format took over. Well now some people think we are in a post codex world – back to scrolls (scrolling) in a digital world. But this document is a … Continue reading

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The Great Thanksgiving Escape – Almost Ready to Escape!

I updated my website with info about my next book, The Great Thanksgiving Escape, which escapes in September from dank, dark warehouses. It’s a Thanksgiving story. I hope the title didn’t give that away. The first review ran for it … Continue reading

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Kickstarter This Awesome Book

Erik Johnson has a new Kickstarter for a fascinating and funky little book that is part graphic novel, part art book, part endless opera cycle. It’s an idea born from putting a bunch of genres and formats into a blender … Continue reading

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Batman. Bat who?

  Here is a great post by Mark Evanier that examines the creation of Batman. But it’s also a nice essay about what it means to create something. In the world of comic books this an important and complicated issue. We have … Continue reading

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