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CAPS auction

I belong to an organization called CAPS. – The Comic Arts Professional Society. They are sponsoring an auction in support of Stan Saki, the wonderful cartoonist behind many projects but most widely known for creating Usagi Yo Jimbo. Stan and … Continue reading

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Career path? Off-Roadin’ is more like it.

I was recently asked about my ‘career’ by someone interested in writing and illustrating books. I still have a difficult time saying this is my ‘career’. I have worked as an art director, character designer, UI designer, graphic designer, producer, … Continue reading

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The best part…

I’ve been out visiting schools and am reaping the rewards! The rewards are the opportunity to spend time with and soak in the enthusiasm of the young readers who enjoy your work and the letters and cards I get after … Continue reading

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Nothing to do with illustration but…we cut the Comcast cable TV service today. Felt weird to make the call. Cable TV has entered our minds as being something you MUST have.  THE solution to deliver…what exactly? Episodes of Duck Dynasty? … Continue reading

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Earthling! finds a home.

I enjoyed an awesome visit to schools in the Santa Fe Springs School District in Southern California. Earthling! was the Author Month book so many kids got a copy of Earthling! and did projects based on the book. The events … Continue reading

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