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Kids draw the scariest things…

My daughters drawing in chalk on the sidewalk and a camera filter make for a great image.

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SCBWI – Saturday workshop

Tomorrow I will be presenting a two hour workshop on picture books for the SCBWI here in Portland. I’ve been told it’s filled-up. That’s good, a full workshop is always better than an empty one but I’ll have to explain … Continue reading

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Headstones and Monuments

Halloween is headed this way so it’s the perfect time to pick up a great set of scary stories by author, illustrator Steve Ogden called Headstones and Monuments. You can order it on Amazon for easy delivery to an e-reader … Continue reading

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You can’t go there again.

I’ve been in Minnesota the past two weeks helping move my folks out of the old farmhouse where I grew up. There was plenty of work (have I EVER carried so many boxes?) and plenty of laughs with my siblings, … Continue reading

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  A quick digital sketch that I liked.

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The evolving picture book.

I am preparing to present a workshop on picture books later this month. I’ve been working on the presentation and one of the last issues is creating a reading list. I want some key examples that demonstrate not only the … Continue reading

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Digital Bedtimes

I will now direct your attention to an article about a new iPad app for kids. Yes, one of the 814,000. Now 814,001 kids book apps buried in the app store. I read about it at the Picture Books and … Continue reading

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