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As I mentioned before, I have a habit of talking about my books. Sales calls are an especially good time to launch into a long discussion of my books. “So you’d like to talk to me about buying Comcast’s digital … Continue reading

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The Book That Eats People

Every once in awhile I pull out one of my old books and talk about it. At bus stops. Restaurants. The grocery store. Here on my blog… The Book That Eats People was my first real, grown-up, kids book. (and … Continue reading

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Color Martha!

I’ve created some activity and coloring pages for How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans. The wanted posters came from an idea that David LaRochelle developed, where students created Wanted Posters for the bad green beans. So I created … Continue reading

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Oregon beach

A quick sketch, done digitally of course, using line and one color. It’s pretty subtle but often this time of year there’s not much light out there.  

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I finally got to see Pixar’s Brave and I really enjoyed it. By FAR the best animated film of last year. I can’t understand the many mediocre reviews I read about it. Perhaps because I am less a fanboy at … Continue reading

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Being sick

Amazing how being sick reminds me how much I don’t like being sick. And my friend John emailed me just last week saying he was sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so… What I want to know, is how did the germs … Continue reading

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New project

Here’s a page from a project, technically a side project to fill some quiet hours and provide some finished pages while I work on roughs for larger books. It’s nice to have a project I can go from idea, to … Continue reading

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