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Happy Halloween from The Zombies

From the sketchbook.

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Halloween portraits and centerpieces

Big Halloween party for our daughter and her friends on the horizon. After some discussion with my daughter it was decided I would paint a vampire portrait for above the fireplace and I would create a centerpiece for the food … Continue reading

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Illustrator’s Day. Los Angeles. 2012. The Rumble in the Brumble.

What is Illustrator’s Day in Los Angeles?   Well, illustrators eat for free that day at any restaurant. They are attended to by an Illustrator’s Assistant all day as well. The assistant will carry your illustration gear. Brushes, varnish, laptops, … Continue reading

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The first line

I came across an amazing quote from the composer Vangelis in a lengthy article linked here. “Vangelis always prefers to use his first take whenever he can, even if the recording contains small mistakes, because he sees his first takes … Continue reading

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Content Creators…I’d rather not.

The other day one of the Google founders talked about the opportunities for ‘content creators’ in regards to using their You Tube service. (Of course, it’s always about the possibilities that await you IF you use this or that of … Continue reading

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Too many books…

Too many books. Too many shelves packed with books. There, I said it. I have too many books and they are beginning to weigh on me more than I want them to. So it’s time to start deleveraging. So to … Continue reading

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I wasn’t a big reader as a kid.

I’ve spoken about this when I give talks at schools but I haven’t written about it much here. I have a confession to make. I wasn’t a big reader as a kid. I know, I know…that’s not what I’m supposed … Continue reading

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