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Recently this article ran in The New York Times about a business that took money to create good reviews online. It’s a fascinating look at something I thought was too ridiculous to be real..but it was and is!  The guy claims he was making $28,000 a month generating reviews. It also looks at the new reality of book selling. Where a book is expected to have all 5 star reviews before someone will buy it. Of course the classics have a wide variety of ratings. But a new book, by a new author is expected to be perfect before anyone tries it. In this media age, getting anything to stand out is a feat. There is SO much media (as they discuss in the article) that it’s nearly impossible to get people’s attention.

PS. Buy my books.

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Interesting article in The Los Angeles Times today by Susan Carpenter about the state of kids book publishing. Of course children’s literature, especially picture books, are always either dying or about to fly to new heights. And judging by the books mentioned this seems a bit skewed toward a small set of people who share a unique business arrangement…But it’s a great read and any press is better than none. I think.

From the article: This fall’s offerings span a wide variety of topics and suggest why children’s books have turned into the fastest-growing segment of the publishing industry.

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A nice review of Earthling! is online today from The New York Times. It will be published on Sunday the 26th I think. I really appreciate that the reviewer looks at the ‘big picture’ of the book. I was out camping with my daughter overnight so I’m trying to catch-up now.

From the review: By the time Fearing brings “Earthling!” in for its landing, with a bit of L. Frank Baum flourish, the entertainment experience feels remarkably complete: good art, good design, good inking, tight story. May Fearing whoosh and scree his way to the finish line of his next book soon.

Buy a copy from Green Bean Books today! Drop them a email. I think they still have some signed copies.

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Sad Day

Our yard is quieter. The studio a little lonelier. Our lives a bit emptier. We lost our friend of 20 years, our cat Ravi. A good spirit, a friend to dogs and people alike. He will be greatly missed.

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I will be on the wireless tonight THURSDAY THE 16th speaking with Jarrett Krosoczka about my homemade solar batteries that will revolutionize energy consumption around the world. All you need is a pan of pickle juice, a potato and…wait, no…I’ll actualy be talking about Earthling! The best graphic novel ever. Well, at least that I have done in the past few years.

Catch it on The Book Report, channel 78 at 5:40 p.m. ET.

EDIT: Actually, due to some abnormal alien transmissions, the interview will run THURSDAY the 16th at 5:40 on channel 78 on Sirius.

See more Earthling! or order a copy from Green Bean Books!

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