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Here’s an interview I did with the talented and very busy Ben Clanton. It’s about Earthling! and other stuff. It’s posted on his excellent blog, which he doesn’t stop doing just because it’s summer…Thanks. Make me feel like a lazy bum. I don’t think it went on long enough for me to whine too much. But in that second paragraph when I lay it on the line and list all the current picture book writer/illustrators I think are overrated…maybe that’s too much.

And thanks for cleaning up the language in the interview Ben. BTW. I don’t actually list picture book writer/illustrators I think are overrated, but I thought that might get more click-throughs.

And Earthling! is reviewed today on This Kid Reviews Books along with a Lewis Trondheim book. I LOVE Lewis Trondheim. Being in the same review space is super-cool. He’s definitely my favorite cartoonist working right now. Amazing work. I’ve mentioned him on this blog before. Back to summer.






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The contemplative vampire and a connoisseur vampire.

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A young reader tackles Earthling and likes it! Review at the Sacramento Book Review.

From the Review:

“I rate this colorful book with awesome drawings a 4 ½. This book has lots of made-up words that make you laugh out loud. My favorite character in this goofy book is Gort. His full name is Gort Mcgortgort. The funniest part to me is the zeroball finals. I really enjoyed this book, because it seemed like the author had actually experienced it all as a kid. Sci-fi lovers who are looking for a great summer vacation book will love Earthling!”

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