More Earthling! reviews.

Another day another posting about Earthling! Tired of it all I know you are. (Yoda speak.)

You can now pick up a copy for the Kindle. I had no idea this was going to happen. But I want to get a Kindle now, just to see it on one. I think you might be able to read it on an iPad in a Kindle App. I have to test that out. Buying a copy of my own book I guess.

So if you buy Earthling! in the old fashioned, dead tree format, by all means, rush out, buy a Kindle, and buy a copy on there too. I like to think of it as The Director’s Cut edition. I wished I could have called it that. Maybe I should make a film and call it: The Directors Cut. About a director who is also a surgeon. And a killer! (cue eerie music) DA-DA-DUMMMMM!!!!!

Here’s another review of Earthling! from the School Library Journal blog. Quotes below.

“The art is bright and eye-catching, full of color and detail. Fearing’s art style is cartoonish, but never becomes too babyish. Instead the short, slightly squishy characters have a comic strip feel which helps keep the title appealing even up through late elementary school and early middle school, despite Bud’s young age….”

“It’s a great first work and a wonderful addition to children’s graphic novel collections.”


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2 Responses to More Earthling! reviews.

  1. ken says:

    wait! so if it’s on the kindle, does that mean all my hard work coloring this — is now relegated to…black & white?!?!?
    i’m contacting my lawyers now…

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