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Animation Monday- Paperman

Paperman is an animated short produced by Disney Feature Animation, I think. I’ve heard a bit about it, and its blending of traditional and 3D, but I have not seen any art, but what’s on this poster. According to the … Continue reading

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Collage, Comics and Jack Kirby

I found this linked from Mark Evanier’s blog and it’ a fascinating look at the use of collage in the graphic arts, especially in the work of Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby’s Collages in Context is by Steven Brower. It’s a … Continue reading

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Diary of a stay-at-home-illustrator-writer-blogger-kids-book-maker.

Stayed up way too late last night looking at other people’s great artwork online. I despise the internet’s ability to offer concrete evidence that there’s always someone much, much better than you. Maybe thousands of people. The cat woke me … Continue reading

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About a Book Wednesday – Neal Layton

This week a favorite from the shelf. It’s never far from where I am working. The Story of Everything, by Neal Layton. It’s a pop-up book that starts with the Big Bang. Really! To me it represents the very best … Continue reading

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How I Made a Graphic Novel – Part 2?

Yes, the title of this post has a question mark. I have posted a few times about how I developed and created Earthling!, my graphic novel due out in July from Chronicle Books (Order a copy now! Like the book … Continue reading

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Animation Monday

Mark Kennedy has an excellent post about using space in a drawing (he’s discussing storyboards) to create an attitude. How you design the composition of your scene can help define it for an audience as serious or funny, sad or … Continue reading

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The Multitasking Illusion

It’s been a good week. I saw the sun three times. Really. But I’ve been busy inside so it doesn’t really mater if it’s raining or not.  I’ve been working on editing two manuscripts to get them into shape for … Continue reading

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