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Earthling! It’s a graphic novel.

You (one of the fine readers of this blog) may be asking: “Hey Mark, what happened to that graphic novel you used to keep talking on and on and on about? What’s up with that? You haven’t said anything about … Continue reading

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Run away! The future is Coming!

It’s so appealing to think about escaping the modern world to a ‘cabin in the woods’. Like Steinbeck’s character George Milton in Of Mice and Men was often hoping to do; get a small piece of land, be your own … Continue reading

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The picture book debate: alive, dead or zombie?

I was casually munching my Kix cereal, scanning the morning paper looking for news I read three days ago online and saw another ‘Are Picture Books Dead’ editorial/essay type piece. What’s more amazing? That I am reading an actual paper … Continue reading

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The walking burp cycle. The first lesson in animation school.

This is a test animation for a walk cycle, though it looks like a burping cycle. This is for an online video game and the cycles are pretty short, and the actual size of the creature is under 100 pixels … Continue reading

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