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It’s just around the corner. My daughters’ favorite free-candy holiday. And it just happens that a book I know well, The Book That Eats People is a great Halloween book! Give  it a look. Give it a read. But be careful. It’s always hungry.

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I’m just getting back to work after 2 weeks in Minnesota rediscovering what the word “humidity” means. And what the sentence “There was a cloud of veracious, blood sucking mosquitoes chasing the family.” means. Visited the State Fair and was reminded that any food can be put onto a stick and my daughter was thrilled to learn that there is a real place (not just in her imagination) where you can buy a bucket of cookies and walk around eating them all day.

Actually it was a wonderful visit with family and friends. And mosquitoes.

Above is a poster for a new play being performed in Portland, Oregon called Heart Beatings. I don’t do that many posters and it’s fun to have a clean slate to work from. This is a world premiere at CoHo Productions and looks fantastic. Written by Mark LaPierre the show begins performances on October 15th.

I should mention, if it isn’t obvious, this is not a kids play…What I mean is, it’s not a play with children in it or created for children to view. It is for those adults who still have a childish sense of wonder and music and inspired POV on the world and it’s difficulties and joys…but not kids per se…you know?

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