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A very interesting optical illusion. Posted on Richard Wisemans’ blog. Worth looking at.

The human eye has it’s ‘ticks’. You can’t always trust what you see. If you’ve ever had to participate in a police photo selection (looking for someone you saw for only a moment or two) you quickly realize how limited our visual recall can be, and how we fill in information constantly to make existing possible.

Below the blue and green colors are actually, the same color. Check out his blog for comments, discussion and explanation. As well as other examples.


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I used this on the cover of a recent promotion. It started off as a sample for a story I am working on and took off as a piece on its won. This usually doesn’t happen with my work. I am pretty tied to narrative and my work resonates best when within a story. But this works well as a piece from the story and a piece that conveys a sense of imagination and adventure.


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A picture book I illustrated for Tricycle Press will be out this Fall, it’s called The Book That Eats People. I saw the catalog ad for it and I was really happy that they used the spread (below) in promoting the book. It is one of my more favorite spreads from the book. And yes, the book really does eat people. I’ll be putting up some of the final art from the book as the release date approaches.


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Here and there

Just got back from two weeks of travel. New York, Boston, Portland Maine, New Hampshire, the list goes on. Met some great people and enjoyed some wonderful weather. I snapped a few pictures in New York City. The giant Hello Kitty was overwhelming. Along with the other characters that stood 16 feet tall or so. They even had one Hello Kitty rigged as a fountain and crying. It’s pretty moving to see Hello Kitty crying.



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