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A couple hundred pages.

I originally started this posting off with quotes about writing and rewriting. Then I rewrote it. Enough said. As I have been working on the revised draft of Earthling! I have also been doing some quick thumbnails of pages to see how … Continue reading

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And then they invented Kids Car Seats

I’m far from being a mechanical genius. But I thought I could tackle a kids car seat easily enough. What hubris.  I spent about 2 hours ( seemed like 6) crawling around my back seat adjusting the seat now that my … Continue reading

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Life in Oregon

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about the occasional view of the yellow, burning orb in the sky. Nor the lack of wet stuff falling. It’s power washing season in the suburbs. This is a habit I … Continue reading

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So, what’s a graphic novel?

I am often asked the question: “What’s the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel.” Loaded question. A histoy of debate and academic pronouncments that fill books…literally. And I’m not even going to step into it. I don’t … Continue reading

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Different Strokes and Different Meaning

I saw this on Mark Evanier’s blog. Demonstrates the power of music to create mood and alter the meaning of images. Watch the opening of the TV show Different Strokes with a whole new POV.

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From Cartoonbrew, a very cool animation that use a multidimensional approach. Yeah, that’s it.

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Willamette Writers

I’ve been invited to speak at the Salem Willamette Writers chapter on May 14th. I’ll be talking about writing for children across media. What does that mean? Good question! I created the title of the talk, now I better develop … Continue reading

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