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Below is the homepage for the the Peanut Corporation of America that has been busy shipping salmonella contaminated peanut butter out to kids around the country. First thing I learned, this stuff has nothing to do with the tasty pink … Continue reading

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Digital Painting

Recently I have received quite a few emails asking about how I use Photoshop in my work. A few people expressed great surprise that my work is digital. I’ve heard that before. Over the past few weeks I have had … Continue reading

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Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

One of the spreads from a book I recently finished illustrating (The Book that Eats People, John Perry – Tricycle Press) has been included in the SILA (Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles) Illustration West 47 show. (I think that’s … Continue reading

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Oregon – green and wet. Like a slug?

This is an in progress painting for a project I will talk more about soon. It started off as a doodle, and I casually started painting it just for fun. But this project slowly developed and the painting seems to … Continue reading

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