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I recently finished the illustrations for a very funny picture book called The Book That Eats People. It’s written by John Perry and will be out late summer 2009 from Tricycle Press.

I’ll post more about it as we get closer to the release date. It was a project that let me try out a lot of techniques, experiment with compositions and play with the nature of what parts of  story go on a page and why. It was painted digitally (in Photoshop) using a lot of collage textures and elements. It features an inspired and funny manuscript and Tricycle was wonderful to work with, offering helpful notes and useful ideas. It was one of those rarest of rare projects where I can’t find anything to complain about.

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A few years back I was a graduate student at UCLA in the MFA Animation program. I did an interview with Chris Sanders (Dir. Lilo and Stitch) for the UCLA Animation Workshop student magazine called Animatrix. A great collection of research, articles and interviews.This is the issue my interview appeared in.

If you are interested in animation it’s worth checking out some of the issues. I think they are about $9.00 each and help support the graduate animation program at UCLA. Or something like that. They contain some good info. that might be hard to otherwise track down.

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This years gift tags feature, once again, Abby the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot. Click here to download the tags below as a high resolution JPG for printing at home.

You can download all the tags I have available by following the FREE GIFT TAGS! link on the top of this blog.


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Holiday theme time. Here’s a painting I was working on as a card and I never used it. Feel free to download and use. Just clik on the image above to get the larger image. And yes, there will be new Abby and Bigfoot gift tags in a few days!

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