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TV Monster

Click on the image to see it bigger. The digital TV monster out to destroy old antenna based TV delivery? No. Just a quick sketch I did a while back and I recently painted it. I have no idea what … Continue reading

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No one saw it coming…yeah right.

Sorry for this off-topic, topic but I find it hard to believe that among all the well manicured, blue suited CEO’s, Federal Banking officials and Hedge Fund dictators ‘no one saw this crisis coming’. Plenty of people did. Many economists … Continue reading

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Presidential Election

The election is over. Thank god. It’s a relief to stop searching the news sites and blogs for election stories and checking the polling sites 50 times a day. Minnesota is still out. That’s a bummer. As a former Minnesotan … Continue reading

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Hans Bacher – Blog

I am adding a link to this blog and I recommend everyone interested in animation art/backgrounds/production design and art direction for film check it out. This is a terrific site. It’s put together by a marvelous artist named Hans Bacher. … Continue reading

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Quentin Blake

Another of my all-time favorite illustrators is Quentin Blake (I bet the headline gave the topic away?) I’m providing a link to his website as there is some useful and interesting info there. It’s got a Flash preloader (ugh..) and … Continue reading

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