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Animation for Food Fight

This is a short sample of the animation I completed for the documentary called Food Fight directed by Chris Taylor. I put a silly old 78 recording with it, just to have some music. The actual soundtrack is a voice over covering … Continue reading

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My pants are too big.

From the sketch book. I don’t know why I drew it…

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Food Fight! the movie

I’ve mentioned before that I animated about 2 minutes for a feature documentary called Food Fight directed by Chris Taylor from November Films. I created it traditionally – hand drawn, ‘inked’ and colored in Photoshop and composited in After Effects … Continue reading

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Literary Invasion

I’m so busy finishing up work I really have nothing to show, that I can show, that I want to show. SHow-sho-show. And when I am writing revisions to manuscripts, no one wants to see that. I really love drawing … Continue reading

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Stories matter.

This animated film has me very, very interested. Waltzing with Bashir by Ari Folman looks to be one of those uses of animation that changes the game. It reminds everyone it’s not just a form for selling kids toys. It’s … Continue reading

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Off Topic Finanical Meltdown Day

A very good post by economist Joseph Stiglitz. I know we’re not supposed to listen to educated, experienced people who express their ideas based on book learnin’. Better to trust moose hunters – but by chance, if you have an … Continue reading

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