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Olympics in Art

This was linked to in a couple of other places, but I think it is worth reading. The LA Times has an article about when the Olympics honored the arts as well as athletics. I had no idea that the … Continue reading

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Off Topic Monday – Freelance Fun

A post all about working in big companies. And an excuse to post some of my panel cartoons! I do a lot of freelance work in design. I’m happy to say 80% of my work is now illustration related, but … Continue reading

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Editorial Cartoons

I drew editorial cartoons for the college newspaper at the UW Wisconsin and for the Capital Times in Madison. They were picked up from time to time nationally and my work was twice included in The Best Editorial Cartoons of … Continue reading

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Playground art in progress

In the middle of 100 degree heat here in Oregon, I’m thinking of fall with a new series of paintings. The playground, the weather, the suburbs… Makes me want to cry. Well, actually, this kid having no one to play … Continue reading

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Disney Thursday

I have a great deal of interest in Walt Disney, as does almost anyone who works in mass media, drawing, animation and story telling. One aspect that really interests me is how after Disney died, the work went downhill, for … Continue reading

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Gloomy Tuesday. A Gothic Romance…with frogs.

A little bit of leftovers. From the archives. I did this years ago, back when I was using REAL pen and ink! Yup. No UNDO buttons. Living on the edge with drawing tools that can be used as weapons as … Continue reading

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