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This is a piece that will not be in the first batch of shirts. Not sure if it will be used at all for anything… Seems like MAYBE I should have thought about that BEFORE I spent a few days working on it. But it’s hard to stop a piece one I get going. I want to see how it turns out. Painted in Photoshop from a quick sketch.

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I have been finishing up 6 paintings that are for a line of Tee-shirts, for both kids and adults. I will post more about them as the release day approaches. This is one of the final pieces. It’s been fun to have a really open range of topics and content to paint. Each shirt has a quote on the back that, we hope, is enlightening, entertaining, funny and not too ‘Hallmarky’.

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Just a page from the ol cave Bear and Duck comic. See more here.

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“In the past when the ICRC has made a big deal about certain detainees, the DOD (Defense Department) has ‘moved’ them away from the attention of the ICRC,” Fredman said, according to the minutes.

America. Hiding prisoners from the International Red Cross. Can you imagine what the Bush administration would say about a country that would do this? And while Walt Kelly was talking about pollution with his famous quote, it fits this situation too. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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If you are not familiar with the work of these two brothers, check the site linked below. If you are a person who loves draftsmanship skills, it doesn’t get too much better than the Brizzi brothers.

I have never met them. But when I worked at Disney TV Animation in current production I had many opportunities to explore the building where we worked on the main Disney lot. One day I left a meeting and sitting in an empty room were amazing pieces of story art up on bulletin boards. I took a peek. It was original pencil/graphite drawings by the brothers. I learned they were just leaving a contract at Disney (That’s what I was told, not that I was high on the good-gossip list) and they had been working on several projects.

The work I was looking at was obvious from the content of the drawings. It was related to Snow White. Either a different story in that world or a Snow White part two. I’m sure a true Disney fanatic can tell you what exactly was going on back then. The art eventually got stored in a hallway for a week or two before it was shipped off to storage. I spent plenty of time studying them. Just regular cork-boards with drawings stuck to them, those things were everywhere. But these drawings were rich, fantastical and carried out in a true renaissance inspired style. I wish I would have taken a few pictures of them at least. One in particular was an amazing forest scene with the Prince riding his horse into the dusk. The magnificent trees reaching high into the dark sky told much of the story in that piece.

The pace of TV animation doesn’t allow for the scope of visual development that an animated feature gets. So seeing this stuff was an education in itself.

Check out more of their work here.

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This is a picture book piece I recently put some finishing touches on. Entirely done in Photoshop. I have a dozen pieces for this story completed. It’s an odd story, something I think I just have to finish. No way I can send it out until it is entirely done. The manuscript and images create a certain POV that has to be seen at once. Happy with the feeling of the painting.

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I’m not sure I know what exactly ‘yonder’ is. But this little girl is floating in that general direction, only to be almost knocked back to earth by a jet plane.

From a picture book concept.

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