This Years Online Holiday Card


Another December, another opportunity to catch up on the the adventures of Bigfoot and Abby the Abominable Snowman! By clicking on the image above you learn all about Bigfoot’s trip to visit Abby this Holiday season.

I also created a set of gift tags for 2007, which you can see and download from the Free Gift Tags tab on the top of this page. Or by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!


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4 Responses to This Years Online Holiday Card

  1. Glenn says:

    Although at first I was angry with Abby for his rude joke the roasted sherpa was probably delish! Thanks, Mark.

  2. Justine says:

    Looks like Abby is up to his usual tricks. I think I would prefer the salmon over raosted sherpa anyday. With all that climbing the sherpas do, they must be tough and stringy. Happy Holidays, all!

  3. Mr Pre-Press says:

    Hopefully they warmed up with artisanal chang afterwards. Very droll!

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