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Funny Dog

This is a drawing of my dog as a stand-up comedian. She really wants to please, and I think she would tell jokes like: “So every night I get a bowl of kibble. Of KIBBLE! I mean, where are the wild kibbles they’re catching? What part of a kibble am I eating?”

She’d really want some laughs…


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This is a piece in my ‘really cute’ style. It’s a two page spread. I’m not sure if this is DONE yet…I might add more grass and flowers to the ground. I’m getting really into painting my own text. I used to love to do that, inspired by Kenneth Patchen and his picture poems. But I stopped doing it when I switched to the computer and it’s a shame. Good things always come back.


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Just a quick digital sketch playing with my current favorite colors – green and orange.



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Here’s a painting I did early in the development of a story. The story eventually went a different direction, and the style changed a bit. Though this did capture the feel I wanted (A real life moment – odd and a bit exaggerated) I didn’t like the grandpa character design. He underwent a lot of revisions after this. I think he looks like a hobo in this one. I was happy with the trees in the background. They really remind me of the woods in the middle of a Minnesota winter. Now that I look at it several months later, I don’t like the excessive detail on the clothes either…


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Comic Strips. What is wrong with them? Well, I have been spouting off about how bad they are and forgot to mention another of the bright spots. Opus on Sunday’s is a pretty darn good strip. Funny, entertaining, and seems to get better each week. While not a huge fan of his ‘airbrushed’ kids book look, I enjoy his books. Flawed Dogs was really great, and at its heart is a real issue – pets with no loving homes waiting in shelters to be euthanized. I hear his latest book – Mars Needs Moms has been optioned by Disney and is in some state of development in feature animation. Not sure that makes me happy. I’m old fashioned, I love creative material that lives in the format where it was developed, but from reading his website it seems he wants to direct, so maybe this is an opportuniy to get him into the role of directing feature animation. But as a somtimes cartoonist who spent a bit of time in various horrible studio jobs in LA, I wonder why you would want to give up the freedom that comes with writing and drawing your own strip/book/comic for the 5 plus years of meetings and notes that go into a feature film? It’s like a Governor becoming a U.S. Senator. Better to be king of Wisconsin then listen to the Senior Senator from Utah tell you why you don’t get to speak at such-an-such a committee meeting until you’ve been in the seante for 20 years.

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This is a sketch for a story I have been working on for about a year. It’s about what happens when Igor got fed up with Dr. Frankenstein, leaves his job and moves to America. It’s got a happy ending!

From the story:

“He packed his meager possessions, some amulets from his mother and his bear-fur vest and made his way down the long, winding road. All Igor had to eat on his journey was some bat jerky and dried rat-bites. Needless to say he finally lost those extra pounds.”


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I have been asked to speak to the Oregon Society of Artists about digital art. The date is a ways off, January 2008, but I am excited. I’ll post more information as it gets closer. I will be doing a demo as well as answering questions for artists about working digitally. I am currently working on a dozen new pieces for gallery shows. The images tend to be a little different from my commercial assignments but the style and attitude, I have been told, is still me (for good or for bad)

Here is a more recent piece from my gallery work:


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