This Blog Will Be Going Away

I think the time has come for me to abandon this blog and delete it. I always get depressed when I find blogs or websites online that haven’t been touched in 3 or 4 or 5 years. It’s like stumbling across  an abandoned house in the woods. There were two abandoned houses near where I grew up and thinking about them still unnerves me. All one could imagine was that something bad happened. Something that will never be known. So this blog will be deleted so that it doesn’t become a Ghost Blog.

I will continue to write and illustrate. I’m working on several books and more short stories over on Hollywood Dementia (Not Child Friendly). I will still share news on my website – so stop over there, say hi. Check-in once in a while. It’s built on a blog format and I imagine once a month or so I will post something.

I will also be a guest blogger on a site and that offers a schedule that makes a lot more sense for me. I think I have done about 1,800 posts and answered a couple of hundred messages here. I started this blog shortly after moving up north to Oregon after living in LA for many years. Going from the pace of graduate school and working at Walt Disney I think the blog was an especially helpful outlet the first few years I was here. It was often a challenge to post regularly once my daughter was born and often I found myself backing away for long periods of time. With my schedule this summer I don’t see having enough time to do anything here.

I am sort-of active on Facebook, but I don’t plan on posting there often. Honestly I’ve never been completely comfortable sharing my life to the degree many authors and illustrators seem to love doing. Perhaps I am too old to have that share everything POV.

And with the political changes we have experienced in this country I’ve become more solemn and my free time is spent reading, thinking and writing about historical issues that have always interested me. My three years as an Ancient Art History major lead me to a deep interest in ancient Greece and Rome. Having a front row seat to the collapse of a Republic is not something I expected 10 years ago. But it makes for intriguing viewing.

I will leave this blog ‘up’ for a few weeks but at some point before the end of the year I will delete it. I need to figure out how exactly to do that without losing the blogs I follow.

Thanks to the steady readers who I hear from often and hope to hear from again. I have made many online friends whose experiences have very much effected my thinking and life. I enjoy following many of the blogs and I hope to have more time to read when I am not concerned about what I will post here every week!




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Creature Thursday


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Frankenstein Wednesday


See more work at my website.


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Meet an agent!

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here at Sub It Club lately. Our blog is getting bigger and better. Today we are very excited to be adding our very first agent blogger — Sean McCarthy! Sean McCarthy Literary Agency specializes in children’s books of all age ranges, from picture books to young […]

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Werewolf Tuesday


And now a new Fantastical Tale of Occasional Oddness.



See more illustrations at my website.

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Working today!

Back in the studio today for the first time in a bit. Working on illustrations for a new picture book. Yes, they always start out this messy.


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I’ve always wondered where it ends.

At the end of this block there is no more walk.






One of my favorites!

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