Gloomy October

October appropriate postings continue.

This from an time when I was still using REAL Pens and REAL ink…what was I thinking

This was a project from a children’s lit class taught by Marla Frazee.


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My Old Friends…

October rolls along and because I still haven’t had time to make new monster art, I’m continuing to live in the past with old art…and today it features some of the classic monsters at a Starbucks stop.

And two other characters from Hollywood.


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SMART in October

High Resolution Cover

Today is the release of a really fun project I was lucky enough to be involved with. The Oregon Reads Aloud book is available today!

It’s a celebration of 25 years of SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) which is a wonderful Oregon non-profit that helps get books into kids hands and has volunteers reading in classrooms.

I illustrated a story called Diary of a Volcano written by Elizabeth Rusch that appears in the book. It’s about…well, I’ll let you guess. Here are two images from it.



You might guess what happens from those images, but you won’t know the whole story unless you hear it from the volcanos perspective! So pick up a copy today. Powell’s Books has them available as do most local bookstores and some online company called Amazon.

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October Panels

My goal is an October appropriate post every day. So many illustrators are posting awesome original art everyday, as in NEW art. I’ve got some drawings in progress but here’s some older work.



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Nothing says October like greyscale

The old house. With crows and weird trees. And a TV. And the mail hasn’t been picked up for weeks.



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October Illustrations

October rolls along and below is a black and white digital drawing I did a few years ago. I don’t have any idea what it was for, why I did it. But obviously Kid Frankenstein created a machine that does…something.


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You are what you eat. In October!

This is an older short story I wrote and illustrated. I’ve posted this before but I know there are always new readers visiting this blog thus the repost. It’s a quick and delicious read.














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