Giant Rasputin off the Oregon coast

I think a giant Rasputin would have made Pacific Rim a way better movie.

I know, this is kind of odd, but I had just read this long post about Rasputin and somehow it all came together.


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The part they don’t tell you…

Another morning of revising.

It’s a grey day out, with a bit of rain that can’t decide to really make us wet or just turn into mist.

And I’m looking at the same page I was the past 3 or 4 days. A rewrite/revision. I spent most of last week avoiding this by doing things like gardening, cleaning, walking the dog an extra time to or two, playing Tomb Raider…yup. Mission accomplished. The revision still needs doing and now I’m running out of time.

I have grand plans for today’s work. I won’t be working outside as I am a fair-weather gardener. Not the kind to suit up in the rain and garden Oregon style. So I will be inside. And hopefully I will control the urge to start 3 new projects and concentrate on this one.

Just thought of a funny drawing though. I might rough that in at least before the inspiration flees.

Wait…I’m writing a blog post about how I avoided doing the work I need to be doing. Not a good sign.

Promise, once the kid is on the bus and the dog is walked – I’m going to be revising.

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Been a bad day with autocorrect…

It’s Ben one of those days. I often peruse the days emails in the evening to make sure everything that I think was taken care of is actually taken care of. But tonight I see very odd words in my witty, but quickly written emails. Did I really write “I’m a bad ager colorist.”? What did I mean to write? After a bit I remember, “I am a bad watercolorist.”

Autocorrect played havoc on my quick and witty emails all day. I spent a considerable amount of my evening writing emails back to people to correct the otherwise awkward and confusing autocorrects.

For some reason a great number of autocorrects turn my words into ‘anger’, ‘slack’ and ‘dampen’.

So if you correspond with me and you come to a word that makes no sense, but is correctly spelled, my apologies. I was never a ver hoo typist.




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A man, his two cats and a rocky beach


A man, his two cats and a rocky beach.

I’d love a print of this that’s like 10 feet long.  Of course, where would I put it?

I’ve done 2 dozen of these Oregon Coast images now. Why? That’s a good question. Because I enjoyed doing them? Because I’m trying to avoid revising a manuscript? because it’s something without a deadline? All of these things plus “Why Not?”.


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Slug Tales- Oh Yeah! (sung to the tune of Duck Tales)

Download the free illustrated short story about slugs. Yeah, slugs.


Download it as a formatted PDF or in e-book format from the Apple iBookstore below.

Download The Colonel as a free e-book from the Apple iBookstore!

Download a formatted PDF version readable on any device that can open a PDF.

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A free book! Well, a free e-book. Does that count?


Here is book three in The Fantastical Tales of Occasional Oddness e-book library; the 11 page opus – The Colonel. A tall tale that’s as slimy as it is tall. Oregon is slug country and this book is here to celebrate all things slug. It’s an illustrated short story, not really a comic book, not a picture book, but is generally safe for all ages if one likes their humor a little silly. It’s a bit like Tolstoy but with drawings and more slugs and less Russians.

This illustrated short story e-book is a free download from Apple’s iBook Store OR you can grab a fully formatted PDF from the link below. So if you have an iPad, grab the e-book from the iBookstore. If not, grab the PDF from the link below.

And go ahead and share this link, repost this post, reblog this slug…let the slug love grow. Happy Slug Month!


Page 1 of The Colonel. Download the entire short story at one of the URL’s below.

Download The Colonel as a free e-book from the Apple iBookstore!

Download a formatted PDF version readable on any device that can open a PDF.

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The Colonel, teaser 2

A tall tale that is as slimy as it is tall.

Here’s a second teaser for my new illustrated short story, The Colonel. It will soon be available as a free download from the Apple iBookstore and as a formatted PDF.

It’s about the biggest slug in Oregon history but along the way we hear a few other slug tales.


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