Gathered around the TV!

Happy Thanksgiving, from The Great Thanksgiving Escape!

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It’s that time of year…


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Apple Pencil sketch book.

Two more drawings via Adobe apps and the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro.

This was done in Adobe Sketch.


The bottom mine was done in Adobe Draw, which is reacts more like a vector drawing program. Both were just quick drawings, maybe 45 minutes for the top one, and 15 minutes for the bottom one. Still learning how it all works.


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An old painting

This seems like a good time to look back at digital work, considering I’ve been talking about the Apple Pencil lately. This is one of the earliest paintings I did digitally. Drawn and painted in Photoshop. I had written a short picture book so I could do some illustration for my portfolio. This was in my portfolio for a year or two. I had’nt seen it for a long while. I guess my style hasn’t changed that much!


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The first Apple Pencil drawings

I spent about an hour on the landscape drawing, maybe 40 minutes on the barbarian-cleaner.

I was trying a lot of different techniques that I use with ‘real’ pencil drawings and was able to recreate most of them. It’s still not as natural as an actual pencil on paper but there are advantages that you don’t get with the good-old-fashioned drawing tools. For instance, as with most digital drawing tools, you can easily change your drawing tool and you can ‘undo’ any lines you don’t like. How I have grown to love the undo while drawing. I have gotten so used to using the undo command that when I’m drawing with a real pencil and paper I have a splint second when I draw something I don’t like where I search for the Undo.

The Apple Pencil lets you build up solid black naturally and one its most famous attributes is how as you turn it to the side it reacts like an actual pencil and you get a soft edge gradient style mark. I was playing with that a lot.

These drawings were done in Adobe Sketch, an app for the iPad that specifically supports the Apple Pencil. I’m slowly working on some color pieces too, but I’ll need more time to get those in shape to share.

If you have any questions or have tried it yourself drop me a line. So far I can say it is equal to any Wacom I’ve ever used and perhaps a more natural sketching experience. But the apps for the iPad are more sketching apps, not finished day-in-day-out commercial art apps. And that’s how I want to use it to start, as a digital sketch book.


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Apple Pencils in Oregon

Well, I guess I need to finish the posts I did about my Search for the Apple Pencil.


I did get one, finally. Thanks to an early visit to the Washington Square Apple store late last week.

And I’m sure there will be some digital art posts to follow. So far I’ve been trying the 3 or 4 different drawing apps and trying to figure out which one I like the best. Still not sure where it fits into my work, but I like what I am seeing so far. It’s a sensitive, robust drawing tool and I get lines with emotion when drawing with it. So I’m a happy camper to start.


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Thanksgiving Escapes

My book The Great Thanksgiving Escape started a long time before it looked like this:


The art below is the earliest art from the book I could find – and this is from way before it was a book at all. This sketch was the first – or one of the first – ideas I had about kids who are stuck an a grown-ups party. After a year and lots of revisions and more revisions, it became The Great Thanksgiving Escape.

What the drawing captured was a story from the kids-eye perspective and and that our antagonists would have two different personalities. Ideas are messy things. You never know what they will become if given the opportunity through effort and thought.


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