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Tim Federle’s first picture book, Tommy Can’t Stop, which I illustrated is now available for preorder on Amazon. I’m sure you can order it from any fine bookstore and I’ll give you a few minutes to rush off and do that. Maybe order a second copy for the neighbors. OK. You’re back. Unfortunately you can’t actually the book until April 2015. So I won’t be saying too much more about this until next year. Tommy, hold on just a little longer!


Earthling! as pixels!

Earthling! is a my graphic novel and for those who have an iPad it’s never been easier to get the ebook.
Download Earthling! on the iBookstore for the iPad and the new giant iPhones for a great price!


But of course you can order it in good ol’ dead tree format too. Just click here for that goodness.

tgte23Just another page from The Great Thanksgiving Escape.

It’s self explanatory.

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Teachers are so very important for all of our futures.

Look how one teacher’s kindness and example made such a difference for a young man who went on to become a Nobel Laureate.

The Note Albert Camus Sent to his Teacher

A heartwarming example of kindness and its powerful effects!

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Just back from Minnesota

I want to thank all the teachers, librarians and students that made me feel so welcome back in my home state. I had a lot of fun visiting students and attending the Authors and Illustrators event in Red Wing. And we had Beautiful weather!


I finally had a chance to read through the letters and look at all the art from the kids at Parkview! Those are some mean vegetables in celebration of How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by Minnesota favorite David LaRochelle.


That’s a picture taken by David of me busy at work signing a copy of Earthling! at the event in Red Wing (and there are a few copies of Martha ahead of me I see). And in the corner is a copy of David’s wonderful book MOO! which I bartered for and got it signed by both David and illustrator Mike Wohnoutka!! I don’t have my glasses on in the picture which means I can’t see anything but the book I’m signing. Good way to keep busy signing books.



The event in Red Wing was hosted at The Anderson Center. This is an early shot as they were setting things up outside. Beautiful weather took over after a storm the night before.



David took a picture of me during my presentation in Red Wing. I was mainly covering the newest discoveries in quantum physics but I tossed in a bit about my picture books.


And that’s me assuring a class at Scandia Elementary, before I read the book The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot, that the Big Bad Robot isn’t really THAT bad. And behind me is a slide with a preview from my picture book coming from Penguin next year. But don’t look for a book named Daisy Dilly Dally, it was recently renamed to Dilly Dally Daisy. This photo is by Jason DaMoe, thanks Jason for letting me run it here on my blog.

I spoke to students from kindergarten to 8th grade over my 4 day visit and as usual, I come away inspired by the enthusiasm and humor of the students no mater their age. Thanks again to all for a great visit!


Look – it’s a merciless marketing oriented blog post!

Well, we have Halloween on the way don’t we? So for your Halloween kid-reads I’d recommend either A Very Witchy Spelling Bee or The Book That Eats People.



A Very Witchy Spelling Bee is for an older reader with its focus on spelling and spells. 


And The Book That Eats People  – well some younger kids are scared of it, but those kids usually get eaten first.

And once we get over Halloween we have Thanksgiving and – I have a book for that!




Tommy Can’t Stop!

Well, it’s the day of the cover reveal for Tim Federles’s picture book Tommy Can’t Stop over at the School Library Journal  – so here at the Mark Blog are the F&G’s I got to look through. So great to see Tim’s wonderful book – as an actual book. I can’t wait to see it in on book shelves and in the hands of kids. The kid below loved Tim’s book, I’ll tell you that. Every time I mentioned this book to the audiences I spoke to last week, there was a ton of excitement. Net April can’t come soon enough!



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