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I forgot to point out one interesting fact on the Disney photo from Cinderella I posted . You will notice that Cinderella was distributed by RKO I believe. This is from before Disney distributed their own films. It’s right there on the bottom. You can click and see this bigger.


Dilly Dally Daisy


Dilly Dally Daisy is the next picture book I wrote and illustrated that will be released. It will be out in June of next year…I think. Maybe it’s July. Well, you can check now because it is listed on Amazon and in some other book stores that let you pre-order. And  I will blab-on about this book a great deal more before it is let loose.

daisy_pic1 daisy_2

And just today I received two bound galleys of the book! Almost as good as when you finally get a copy of the actual book. It’s almost a ‘real’ thing now.






If you enjoyed this little short tory, you might also enjoy my ebooks available at the iBooks store for $1.99. The Thing with No Head and The Boy Who Was Swallowed by a Tiger.

Thanks to Barnes & Noble


I had a wonderful time last week reading and signing copies of The Great Thanksgiving Escape at my local Barnes & Noble. The store manager and the folks running the event did a great job of making me feel welcome. All the stores I had an opportunity to visit over the past month showed great support towards my new book. It is very much appreciated!  Considering the general impersonel state of retail transactions in 2014  it’s wonderful that this job still offers the opportunity to meet people who like your work in person. I’m posting a few pictures from the event and some of the signs in the stores.


(Thank to my friend Jon Price for this picture!)




A nice call out for The Great Thanksgiving Escape in the New York Times online today. Part of a slideshow of harvest and Thanksgiving books. It’s awesome to be included with some really great books. I do love Otis the Scarecrow!


Walt and Mickey.

Another of AP style photo promoting Walt Disney’s 2 Emmy wins in 1955 ‘after being on TV only 20 weeks’. Of course he wasn’t sitting in his office drawing Mickey at this point. In fact he rarely did. But he did have a keen eye for talent and hired people who could do it better than he could. And no one else was better at putting all the pieces and people in place to create great work (starting in animation and moving on to all genres of media).

Walt would die 11 years after this photo, in 1966. When I confirmed that date it amazed me because Walt Disney was such a figure in my youth – and he died well before I was born. My father was a big fan of Walt Disney and the work done at the studio, so I was certainly exposed to his work early on. But as a kid I don’t remember thinking that he was already gone.  And here we are, all these many years later and Walt and his creations (including his company) ‘live on’ like few have.

walt_photo close_up

I collect a few things, though honestly over the past dozen years I have stopped being obsessive about it. However I do have several thousand old Associated Press and movie studio black and white photos. Recently I acquired a few new ones and this one jumped out not for the image, but as is often the case, the description on the back. This is from October, 1949 (as we will see) and it’s an image for newspapers and magazines to use to promote Disney’s next film, Cinderella.



Here is the back.



You can click on it to make it bigger, but the headline is “The Disney Girl” and the first line reads, “And here is a preview of next year’s Disney Girl – Cinderella…”

To modern ears the term ‘Disney Girl’ seems awkward for many reasons (how old is Cinderella?) it also sounds a bit like it was inspired by the 1920’s “It Girl”. But it also contains the marketing notion of the Disney Princesses, which I don’t believe was coined as a brand for the corporation for another 35 years. And the ‘Disney Princess’ as a brand earns like 12 Gazillion dollars a year for Walt’s company. It’s small things of this kind that makes these interesting to spend time with. I’ll post a few more when I have time.

(and the pencil circle is not from my hand! most probably a remnant from someone filing this at a newspaper or magazine)


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