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Sure turkey time is past and I gotta stop talking about my Thanksgiving book, but hey, here’s a great review of The Great Thanksgiving Escape from The Las Vegas Review Journal by Terri Schlichenmeyer.

“Yes, this is a kids’ book, but I absolutely loved the imaginations and the naughty glee that author-illustrator Mark Fearing gives his main characters; there’s so much mischief in every word and picture of this book that I lingered on the pages, just because I liked the rowdiness it implied. Is there an adult who won’t remember that with fondness? I don’t think so, and I don’t think there’s a kid who won’t find it hilarious.”


And here is one from the Citizen-Times written by Jennifer Prince.

“Fearing’s drawings are enhanced digitally, enriching the color saturation and shading throughout the book. Fearing’s drawing style is a cross between Charles Addams, the artist who created the Addams Family cartoons, and David Shannon, the author and illustrator of the “David” picture books. The mix of mild eeriness and cheeky joie de vivre is unique to Fearing, and complements the satirical humor of the story perfectly.

“The Great Thanksgiving Escape” is a delightful story to read-aloud this holiday. Most likely, the book will become a perennial favorite.”


And it’s always a thrill to be called out in my home state. The Great Thanksgiving Escape made an appearance in this list of wintry kids books from the Minneapolis Star Tribune by L.K Hanson.

“This mission includes the dangerous negotiating of “The Hall of Aunts” and “The Great Wall of Butts.” Fearing’s work has an appealing edginess that resonates with kids, and he’s a careful observer of telling detail, which adds to the enjoyment.”


And now I promise – I’m done tooting the Thanksgiving book horn.

But in this day and age and given the media saturation we live in, reading that ones work has resonated somewhere, even for a short time, is not only gratifying, it provides the energy to keep at it. It helps me sit in my chair for long hours and difficult revisions. It helps create a bit of a calm so I can settle into what is otherwise a rather lonely, isolating job. It’s like getting an answer to ones frenetic screaming.

And you know, you can read the book all year long…I’m just saying…

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It’s a little past Thanksgiving but The Great Thanksgiving Escape received a call-out in the Horn Book as a Holiday High Note!


Man, there’s a lot of wonderful books on this list. It’s a real honor to be included. Remember, there’s another Thanksgiving in a year! And the book will keep just fine until then!

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Dilly Dally Daisy is the next picture book I wrote and illustrated that will be released. It will be out in June of next year…I think. Maybe it’s July. Well, you can check now because it is listed on Amazon and in some other book stores that let you pre-order. And  I will blab-on about this book a great deal more before it is let loose.

daisy_pic1 daisy_2

And just today I received two bound galleys of the book! Almost as good as when you finally get a copy of the actual book. It’s almost a ‘real’ thing now.


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Here are some samples from The Boy Who Was Swallowed by a Tiger and The Thing with No Head ebooks which will be out on Apple’s iBookstore in October. They feature a more straight ahead ‘cartoony’ style and give me an opportunity to indulge in drawing crosshatched lines.  One is told in verse, in fact I’m still editing it…the other a simple prose style with a folktale flavor. Click on them to see them larger.



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Well, it’s the day of the cover reveal for Tim Federles’s picture book Tommy Can’t Stop over at the School Library Journal  – so here at the Mark Blog are the F&G’s I got to look through. So great to see Tim’s wonderful book – as an actual book. I can’t wait to see it in on book shelves and in the hands of kids. The kid below loved Tim’s book, I’ll tell you that. Every time I mentioned this book to the audiences I spoke to last week, there was a ton of excitement. Net April can’t come soon enough!


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The ebooks I’m working on have final covers. Now I’m just proofing the interiors again. I’m sure you will be sick of hearing about them by the time they come out in October. But It’s been fun to write, design and illustrate some books that are driven by something I’d like to see, but they may not have a broad audience. That’s one issue that I think about a lot. I am often taken by ideas and projects that are not going to resonate with a large audience (see Robot Boys!). Sometimes they can be altered and revised to work in a new way that opens them up. But sometimes they just are what they are.  I have learned a great deal seeing this through so I am excited to use these little ‘hobbies’  to try things that are a little more edgy.



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TGTEbooksThe Great Thanksgiving Escape, the best picture book ever written about Thanksgiving (OK, that’s subjective), is being shipped. So go order a copy now before we run out.

Order at:





or visit my website for for in-depth and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the book…OK, honestly, there’s not a lot of behind the scenes that doesn’t involve me sitting and painting, so that would be boring. But there is more info about me and the book.

The important part is to order copies for everyone in your extended family.


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