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Grab the Cave Bear and Duck, iPad read-along comic book – one last week for free!! Share with friends and enemies alike! I’ll be taking down the iPad app next week. Get it free on iTunes now.

It’s a read-along comic book with great voices from Tom Kenny and funny sound effects. The comic book tells the story of how Cave Bear and Duck stopped the first forest fire started by humans. Or maybe they didn’t stop it, but they tried!



Read more about it or download it here. 

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Every January first for the past 14 years, from 12:00-12:00, Comicraft offers a sale on all their fonts at the dollar conversion of the year. So this being 2014, that means any font set sells for $20.14.

It’s a GREAT deal from the makers of some of the best digital fonts for comics and such.

The Comicraft sale starts tonight at midnight.

Go see what great stuff they have!

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Still going through boxes of stuff that I brought back from my childhood home. And what’s this? Trading cards! I have a box and a half of trading cards from just about everything…shows I never watched. And movies that really shouldn’t have had trading cards. Of course I have a billion Star Wars cards which I need to sell at some point but I also have stuff like in the image below. What was I thinking?


But the Pee-Wee Herman stuff is pretty cool. Still some unopened packs! Very nicely designed stuff in the packs. Stickers and games and cut-outs.


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Some more fan art inspired by Earthling!


Thanks Luis! I’m thrilled you are taking good care of the book and I appreciated the letter. The drawing of Gort you did will find a home here my my studio. And thanks to your teacher, Mr. Hollman for forwarding the letter and being such a great supporter of the book!


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I had an interesting conversation at a bookstore while traveling. I walked into a beautiful Indy bookstore, in a resort area. They seemed busy, at least in the vacation season and they had a good sized kids book area, but they had no graphic novels. I picked up a few books and talked about the book business with the salesperson. I mentioned that I draw and write books so I follow the industry carefully.

The salesperson was friendly and we discussed the book industry, the reps she liked, surprise hits and then we talked about graphic novels. She said they had tried GN’s when they opened and had horrible sales results. She felt that perhaps grandparents, who make up a lot of their buyers, didn’t like purchasing them. Maybe it was the old notion of a ‘comic book’ not being a REAL literary experience. Or maybe it’s the issue that comics and graphic novels for all ages tend to get mixed together so some buyers aren’t comfortable knowing what material is appropriate.

I suspect it’s a combination of both issues. But GN’s certainly have an issue when it comes to placing them on appropriate shelves for readers and having buyers comfortable with their choices.

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The graphic novel I worked on for 18 years….OK. That’s not true. I didn’t work on it for 18 years. At times it may have FELT like 18 years. Actually is was about 3 years. But in dog’s years that’s 21 years…never mind.

Anyway, my graphic novel Earthling! has been shortlisted in the Oregon Spirit Book Awards, Graphic Novels category along with – Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite by Barry Deutsch and Squish: The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer and Matthew Holm.

Both of the other nominated books and great and feature unique approaches and one-of-a-kind voices. I’m honored to be listed with them.

Read more about Earthling! here, and read a review of Earthling! at the New York Times.

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Here’s two disparate pages from a project that just may never see the light of day. It may live only on my computer. When I speak at events about writing and drawing I often explain how most of what I do never sells. There is a lot of ‘other stuff’ I don’t finish or no one wants to publish. This is part of that other stuff.



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New project

Here’s a page from a project, technically a side project to fill some quiet hours and provide some finished pages while I work on roughs for larger books. It’s nice to have a project I can go from idea, to rough, to final art on while I’m working on longer projects that involve revisions and notes and changes. And I’ve written this in chapters so I can take little steps (finish a page, or even a single panel) and still make progress over a few months.



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dog_manI am inspired and fascinated by many different art styles. I love doing collage. In fact it was simple clip art collages (like the one above who along with a half dozen other characters ended up as short run, silk screened shirts which I used to give away as gifts) that lead me use collage in longer form narratives like my illustrated version of the Kafka story A Common Confusion. This book was originally done as a hand bound sample book, but later I put it online.

Eventually my interest in collage lead to me developing The Mr. Shrimp Show and several other bits of collage inspired animated oddness.

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Don Rosa is a cartoonist, well known for his Donald Duck comic books. His stories have a worldwide following and are highly regarded. He produced extremely detailed drawings and his plotting was equally extravagant.

He has written an heartfelt essay about his retirement from drawing linked here. In it he discusses his love of what he got to do for a living, and at the same time the costs it has had on him emotionally, physically and monetarily, working in a system where he earns not a single penny for any reprints or reuse of his work.

Below are two quotes which will resonate for many cartoonists, illustrators and writers I know.

“This is one of the personal problems I brought into my comics career — too much enthusiasm. It’s an aspect of my personality that I don’t know how to do anything without letting it consume me.”

“I don’t know if you have a similar expression in your countries, but I am what is referred to here as a workaholic. I am incapable of relaxing. Inactivity makes me feel nervous and somehow “guilty”.”


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