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mary_title.jpgI finally finished this animated short-short. It took me forever.I think I had the sound track done a year ago. Just been too busy to get all the pieces together. As with every project, I think it could be better, but at some point I need to execute it and move on. I’d like to have had time to animate the ‘army’ I wanted to spread across the battle field, but I never got it working the way I wanted. Overall the style hangs together. Anyway, here it is. The big budget, Hollywood action film version of your favorite nursery rhyme – Mary Had a Little Lamb.

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What kind of art hangs in the galleries you visit? And what of the gallery patrons?

Quick study in Photoshop, drawn on the Wacom.

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Keyframe is a good resource for all things animation. It features a list of online shorts, TV series, even direct to video animated releases. The Coming Soon section is helpful to see what animated features are floating around out there. The usual mix of ‘can’t wait to see’ and titles that no one is sure are still in active production.

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Yeah, I’m writing about that animated short again. Looks like it will be playing a few new festivals this year, so I dug out the old website and reposted it.

For those of you who need to know, the Thing with No Head is an animated short I made when enrolled at UCLA. I have been reworking it as a children’s picture book, which is almost ready to go out to a few editors.

Here’s a pencil test from it I posted on YouTube a while back.

The short was animated traditionally, but I did the backgrounds in Photoshop. Shot the thing on 16mm. Later I transfered it to the computer.

Anyway, here is the site, and a short trailer on the festivals page.

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Trying to get some new work to post, but in the meantime, this is the front of a recent postcard I mailed out. Drawn and painted digitally (Photoshop and a Wacom) from a pencil sketch.

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Animation Monday can’t get much better than this.

A clip on Youtube from the amazing Triplets of Belleville. One of my favorite sequences. The ship crossing the ocean as the grandmother follows behind.

I watched this film twice the past month while working. Draw a little, watch a little, draw a little, watch a little… My appreciation of this film increases every time I see it.

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Above is a close up and below is a low res, small size of a new digital painting I’m working on. The original piece is over 26 inches long, and I think it will be a great looking digital print.


Oddly enough I love to paint buildings…and I say oddly enough because much of the strength in my work (if there such a thing) is in characters. But I enjoy drawing buildings less rigid and practical and more fun.

I think a setting that isn’t explicitly ‘fantasy’ (no wizards and unicorns) is more interesting because you can pull interesting bits from more mundane elements. Getting super fantasy oriented just to make an interesting image seems an easy way out. When you go full bore fantasy – little kids with giant magical birds lifting them into magical wonderlands with candy kings and purple mountains and eight headed dogs and…whatever.

I’d like to visit this place, but I’m not sure I want to walk all those stairs.

This is still in progress, I’m adding final touches when I have time. All painted in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

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Animation Monday with no actual animation! But, some inspiring quotes from an older posting on the Re-Imagineering Blog. Walt’s words are inspiring across many fields, art and business alike.

I am not always a fan of Walt, but what he accomplished is amazing. And he did deliver on producing meaningful material suitable for the whole family without pandering (most of the time) . One of my favorite quotes:

“You can’t live on things made for children – or for critics. I’ve never made films for either of them. Disneyland is not just for children. I don’t play down.”

The best ‘kids’ material is not focus tested and aimed squarely to be rammed down kids throats. Having spent a bit of time in this profession one of the things I often hear, and that makes my skin crawl is : “It’s only for kids.” Meaning, it doesn’t have to be done well, or done right, or good.

When you turn on the TV or visit a bookstore, unfortunately, most material was developed with this mantra in mind.

In the collected quotes Walt is discussing Disneyland. Before I left LA I visited Disneyland several times. The first since I was a little kid in 1976 or so. And even cynical old me will admit, it was great fun.

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I had the pleasure of creating a few minutes of traditional animation for a documentary made by Chris Taylor in association with November Films. It’s called Food Fight, and it shines a spotlight on American eating habits. They just launched a new website for the film and you can visit!

It’s one of those important issues that far outweigh the usual posts on this blog. What we eat, and how it is grown, the cost in dollars and the cost to the environment and health…wow.
They have posted a trailer to watch, and a bit of early edit on the November Films site.

I look forward to seeing it when the final edit is ready. Great project to work on. Something I could really sink my teeth into…so to speak.

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I’ve been sent this link by several folks. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I have a thing for comic strips. And how bad they are these days (with rare exceptions – Richard Thompson’s Cul De Sac)

And this, I think, proves it. Garfield without Garfiled is a better strip….

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